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I Get Interviewed About My Writing :-)

I have around 50 Author Interviews on my blog… Alexander M Zoltai

And, I’ve been discovering the joys of a site called About.mea place to create a digital Bio page and a space to meet and interact with some very cool folks…

I think it qualifies as Social Media…

I met Jan Jacob Mekes on…

From his Bio:

“Jan Jacob Mekes is an English writer born in the body of a native Dutch speaker, in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. He loves reading, writing, cycling, and photography. His favourite book is Don Quixote, he loves chocolate, and is a cat person. Re-reading this, he realizes this sounds like a profile on a dating site. In a way, that’s true, because I (said the inconsistent writer who switches to first person like the Hulk) want you to go on a date… not with me, but with my books. I love my readers!”

He has three very interesting-looking novels

And, he recently interviewed me :-)
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Navigating My Blog . . .

The main themes of my blog are Reading, Writing, and Publishing. 


Image courtesy of ilker ~

It’s a little over 3 years old and has just over 850 posts.

There are also 9 pages of Special Information.

Folks new to the blog might miss something important to them because they aren’t aware of some of the ways they can find things.

Those 9 Special Pages are pretty self-explanatory; check out those black tabs with white writing at the top of the blog

Also near the top, on the right, is a search box—enter single words, multiple words with commas between them, or phrases.

If you scroll down a bit, the left side-panel has a Top Posts & Pages area and, right under it, a Top Tags Cloud—the larger the words in that cloud, the more posts with that topic (and, hovering over the clickable words tells you how many posts

Plus, if you explore that left side-bar from top to bottom, you’ll find a wealth of other resources

And, if all else fails, at the top of the side-bar, in pink type, is a Contact Me link so you can send me an email and ask me anything at all

One other thing you could do that would help me a lot is take my survey of what You want to see on this blog :-)
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Latest Top Ten Blog Posts and Pages

This past April I shared the top ten posts and pages for this blog.

Not a lot of changes since April but, considering there are now 795 posts, the Top 10 become a good indicator of who’s reading what.

Most of this blog’s traffic comes from Internet searches so, when the Top 10 posts change, I know I’m attracting a new type of reader

Considering the list below:

“Home page / Archives” shows people arriving at whatever’s the most current post — hasn’t changed in the last 7 months.

Alexander M Zoltai ~ The Author of This Blog is my About Page and about-pages are usually the most visited place on any blog — hasn’t changed since April.

Considering that the last two will more than likely always be in 1st and 2nd place, Writing Challenge ~ Use The 1200 Most Common Words To Write A Story certainly seems like it will always be in 3rd place

The page The Book ~ Notes from An Alien is still in 4th place

What’s The “Best” Way To Learn “Proper” Grammar? took over 5th place from The Danger of A Single Story.

By the way, the video in the post, The Danger of A Single Story, is remarkably valuable!

And, if you have an interest in comparing the rest, here’s the link to April’s Top 10.

Also, that April post has some interesting information about how to find what You need to read on this blog :-)

The numbers in the right column are the Number of Visits

Home page / Archives



Alexander M Zoltai ~ The Author of This Blog



Writing Challenge ~ Use The 1200 Most Common Words To Write A Story



* The Book ~ Notes from An Alien



What’s The “Best” Way To Learn “Proper” Grammar?



Free Software for Writers . . .



Why Do Certain People Become Writers?



The Danger of A Single Story



Are Fiction Writers Capable of Freelancing?



What Are Words ?



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A Free Personal Librarian?

As most of you have realized, free things all have some cost

My short novel, Notes from An Alien, is free (along with print and e-book paid editions) but it costs some concentration to read it and the theme’s not something that’s easy to accept

Free offers are attached to sites on the Internet that then cost you time in your e-mail box, even if all you’re doing is deleting constant free messages

Drug dealers used to say, “The first one is free.”……… librarian_insidepage

So, what’s with this Free Personal Librarian?

Apparently, she’s quite Fussy

Yes, all you have to do is give her your e-mail address and check a few boxes indicating your preferences.

Yes, she then sends you free e-book recommendations.

Yes, you then have to decide if you want to buy those e-books; though, it appears they’re all $5.99 or less.

Yes, authors can submit their books to The Fussy Librarian for possible inclusion in her recommendations.

Yes, you share your reading preferences by choosing what genres you like

Ah, genres!

I’ve had 5 posts about genre books on this blog and, yes, I’ve detailed some of the “costs” of being enamored with this way of pigeon-holing them

Yes, I gave The Fussy Librarian my e-mail address and will receive my first recommendations tomorrow—might even share what I think here

You can read The Legend of The Fussy Librarian and you might just have a laugh or two.

And, The Fussy Librarian has a blog.

Finally, I feel I should be fussy about my presentation of this site on my blog by quoting The Fussy Librarian’s raison d’être:

“Once upon a time, books did something called ‘going out of print’. The publisher decided to stop printing new copies and readers had to scour garage sales for a used copy. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

“Then the ebook came along. Not only would new books live forever, but old titles could be purchased as well. In no time at all there were millions of books available to readers … who soon developed headaches sifting through it all.

“A few people tried to solve the problem but no one really figured it out – until now.

“The Fussy Librarian is the first website to match readers not only with the genre of books they like but also their preferences about content. Do you only read mysteries without profanity, violence and sex? Then we’ll tell you only about cozy mysteries. Read just memoirs and gory horror novels? No problem.

“We also only bother with the good stuff so you know you’ll see great reads every time you open our daily email. There’s a reason we’re called The Fussy Librarian, after all.”

Feel like giving The Fussy Librarian a try?

Just enter your e-mail address Here
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The Daughter of My Co-Author Has Her Say . . .

This is the last of the series of posts called Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

My next task is crafting these 38 posts into a Companion Volume, then publishing a revised version of Notes from An Alien combined with these Stories from Angi—what you might call an Omnibus Edition.

Once published for sale, it will also be available in a free edition, just like the free copy of Notes from An Alien.

The short novel, Notes from An Alien, has its last chapter written by the daughter of the co-author of the book—that co-author being Sena Quaren, believed by some to be merely a character in the novel

This last part of Behind The Scenes is also by my co-author’s daughter.


My name is Ararura Quaren.

Alexander Zoltai and I have been in Plasma Communication for many months, consulting on supplementary additions to the book, Notes from An Alien, which he wrote with the aid of my mother, Sena.

My mother is still pursuing reclusive activities—recharging her psychological reserves for an eventual re-emergence into the social life of our Worlds.

The tales Alexander and I wrote—Behind The Scenes—are a bit of spice and tang for the book penned by him and my mother—a novel for readers on Earth, a family history for we of Angi

My mother gave me the honor of writing the last chapter of Notes from An Alien and Alexander has permitted my voice to be heard again in these companion pieces.

I spoke directly to you of Earth before and I am again—going further in my cautionary prescriptions for a way out of Earth’s trials and turbulence.

There will be more suffering on Earth, due to the crumbling of outmoded ideas and social structures; yet, while the old decays and thrashes, the new is rising up—a way of living that is more spiritual and also more rational.

The major corporations of Earth are attempting a bold and irrational plan to take complete command of the tottering governments.

Most of the religious institutions are wallowing in swamps of fantasy.

To be absolutely clear—corporations of integrity still exist and there are people of Faith who live lives of true service.

Just as Angi was revolutionized by the Appearance of the Prophets Sesuna and Akla, Earth has its future being leavened by the Teachings of a pair of Prophets Who appeared in your nineteenth century.

I leave it to your sincerety of investigation of Truth to learn of these Prophets

There are those, on Angi and Earth, who never become members of a religion yet are honest enough to accept Teachings from Prophets that are sound and practical.

The governmental structure which allowed Angi to attain a political Worlds’ peace was from the Teachings of Akla; yet, most of the members of the Worlds’ Council never aligned in membership with the Aklan Faith.

The future glory of a complete and permanetly secure Worlds’ peace—one which embraces all and is maintaned by all—is now being built.

Built one heart and mind at a time—spread by those of good will to those still shattered by our past

Now, I would like to share some advice, gained through my experience here, to those of you on Earth who doubt your World could ever have lasting peace.

Let me first make clear that Unity is not Conformity—one can be unified with others while not conforming to particulars of belief.

The key to this unity is sharing a higher purpose.

Also, it needs to be made clear that unity precedes peace.

Those who feel that some miraculous appearance of peace will lead to unity are sadly lacking in clear perception.

How can two people—let alone a whole World—be at peace unless they share a basic, unifying purpose?

So, the hard work is finding a unifying purpose; and, I can do no better in helping you find one than referring you to the Teachings of the Prophets—not the beliefs of the followers of those Prophets, who too often warp the pure Advice to fit their preconceived notions of truth.

For those living their lives in the half-light of their conscious ego-mind, the wider Truths will always be over the rainbow

And, it is possible to reach the shore of this Ocean of Truth, where you may linger for the rest of your life and only wet your feet, without exerting the strain of studying the Prophets.

This shore-bound search will at least help cleanse enough of yourself to walk a truer Path toward Unity.

There is a simple way to prove this:

Talk to an author you respect who has written what you on Earth call “literary fiction”.

Ask them if their creations came from their ego-mind.

Ask a few of them since there are those who lie about their talents

You will find that these creators have relied on a wider consciousness—some call it the Muse—and they will tell you they have trouble believing they actually wrote their books.

What is this wider consciousness?

How can it be tapped?

Again, speak to your writers of integrity

So, if you follow my advice, you will find people on Earth who function at a higher level than the mundane—who rely on more than their every-day minds.

They are tapping into wider Truths and large groups of people can find resonance with their stories—a form of literary unity.

Naturally, this process of gaining awareness of larger circles of unity can be continued into other fields of Earthly endeavor—even into the realm of the honest scientists, who have the ability of sensing a unity with the most honest people of Faith

Refer to the lives of my ancestors—a number of whom married and remained devoted to a spouse with different beliefs—found a unity of thought and feeling beyond their personal rules for living—forged a partnership that permitted both to expand their perceptual and heart-felt horizons.

This is the path we of Angi are on—forging relationships based on wider unities.

The peoples of Earth will first have to suffer enough, daily interactions will have to unravel enough, for the Leaders to agree on a political World’s peace.

Even during a time of mundane suffering, as the peoples of Angi can attest, it is possible to maintain a vision of peace that soothes the heart and empowers the mind.

I pray the Day of Truth will soon become a Reality for you, so the Leaders and the People can work together to establish a permanent and glorious Peace on Earth
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